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 Welcome to St. Matthew's Anglican Church, St. Albert, AB!


A VERY warm welcome to you!

Welcome and thank you for checking out St. Matthew's Anglican Parish in St. Albert, AB! 
We have been re-open to in-person worship since March 20, 2022 and it truly has never felt so great! Each Sunday morning, to see a congregation gathered, some masked, some not, is truly a joyful gift. Here are some things that you might find helpful to know if you are thinking of joining us for in-person worship. 
Nothing has changed in our mission statement that "ALL are welcome". Vestry has carried out many in-depth conversations about what it means to ensure that this statement rings true, particularly in regards to sensitivities coming through a pandemic unlike any other we have experienced. 
* Some members of the congregation are in masks or shields and others are not. Both options are welcome. 
* Some members of the congregation opt to sit close to others, and others do not feel comfortable doing so. Know that there are no longer "closed" pews or ushered seating or a requirement to socially distance in the sanctuary. 
* Some members of the congregation opt to come in the front door of the church and others opt to use the side door and elevator. Both doors will be used for entering and exiting the church. 
* Communion is open and offered to all. If you wish to receive the bread, you simply come up the centre aisle to the celebrant when it is your time. If you wish to receive the chalice, you step to that side, receive the cup, then head back to your seat. If you do not wish to receive the chalice, you simply head back to your seat after partaking with the bread. 
* Further direction will come on coffee hour post service (hopefully in the Fall!) 
We will, to the best of our ability, continue to try and livestream all of our services. Please note that this might not be possible *all of the time* 
With the consideration of the fact that our 8:00am service usually ceases from Ascension until the Fall, Vestry decided unanimously to hold off on reintroducing the 8:00 am service until September 2022. Currently we are open for our 10:00am service. Sunday school details will come out over the summer as to what this might look like in the fall. 
For other upcoming events and ministries, please click here! 
The AGM of St. Matthew's Anglican Church
Please allow this to serve as notice that the AGM for St. Matthew's Anglican will now take place on Sunday, February 13, 2022 after the 10am service. (Likely an 1100h start time for the meeting). This meeting will take place via zoom in a virtual format only. If you wish to RSVP, you must do so no later than Saturday,February 12, 2022 by 4:00pm. You can do so by clicking here and sending us a quick email to RSVP. Below are some links that you might find helpful. 
The 2020 AGM Meeting Minutes (meeting held in 2021 via zoom) 
General Information
We know, throughout scripture, that there are various invitations. Jesus was invited to heal and preach; the disciples were invited to join Jesus as he traveled through the countries to spread the Good News, Philip even told Nathanael, "Come and See!" (Jn 1:46). While we work to keep our website up to date with all the exciting things happening in St. Matthews, we would invite you to come and see for yourself how we work to further God's kingdom in the community of St. Albert! We would love nothing more than to welcome you on a Sunday or one of our events throughout the year.  
Worship Schedule:  We usually have two services of Holy Communion each week; we worship on Sundays at  8 am and 10 am. Most of our services are from the Book of Alternative Services. The 8am service is a said Eucharist and typically runs about 45 minutes in duration. Our 10am service would normally have Sunday school, a children's talk, and music (a mix of choral and contemporary each week). The 10am service usually runs about an hour and 15 minutes in duration and is followed by a time of coffee, tea, and fellowship. At this time, due to Diocesan guidelines, there is no gathering of Sunday school or choir. 
Worship is led by The Venerable Lee Bezanson.
We would encourage you to click here to see what is up and coming within our parish community! As always, you are invited to join in - whether you have attended St. Matthew's your entire life or have found our presence online and wish to come and see what we are about. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our members by clicking here.  
Shrove Tuesday 2014  
Child praying