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 Welcome to St. Matthew's Anglican Church, St. Albert, AB!

Upcoming Services: Online Only

Welcome and thank you for checking out St. Matthew's Anglican Parish in St. Albert, AB! We are presently following the direction of our Bishop, the Right Rev. Dr. Jane Alexander and the Government of Alberta and are not holding regular, in-person worship services. We are however, making our mark on the world through live streaming!
Sunday mornings at 10am is a staple; we will come online around 9:45 and be broadcasting our service to wherever your technology finds you: your phone, your tablet or ipad, your laptop, computer or even television. 
We will also be running our Ash Wednesday service (also live streamed) on Feb 17 @ 7:00pm
And through the season of Lent, the desert will be (for the first time ever!) coming to you, in your homes, cars or workplaces. Every Tuesday evening in Lent (starting Feb 23), a service will be streamed at 7:00pm that will involve some quiet time in the desert. Please feel free to come along! 
The AGM of St. Matthew's Anglican Church
The 2020 AGM took place on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 1115; to read/review the Rector's Report please click here (or visit "News and Events" above) 
Electoral Synod (67th Synod for the Diocese of Edmonton)
With the announcement of the resignation of Bishop Jane Alexander, the Diocese of Edmonton has started the process of calling it's 67th Synod (which will be what's called an Electoral Synod). For more information, as it comes available, please click on the tab "Electoral Synod" along the top menu bar. 
General Information
We know, throughout scripture, that there are various invitations. Jesus was invited to heal and preach; the disciples were invited to join Jesus as he traveled through the countries to spread the Good News, Philip even told Nathanael, "Come and See!" (Jn 1:46). While we work to keep our website up to date with all the exciting things happening in St. Matthews, we would invite you to come and see for yourself how we work to further God's kingdom in the community of St. Albert! We would love nothing more than to welcome you on a Sunday or one of our events throughout the year.  
Worship Schedule:  We have two services of Holy Communion each week; we worship on Sundays at  8 am and 10 am. Most of our services are from the Book of Alternative Services. The 8am service is a said Eucharist and typically runs about 45 minutes in duration. Our 10am service has Sunday school, a children's talk, and music (a mix of choral and contemporary each week). The 10am service usually runs about an hour and 15 minutes in duration and is followed by a time of coffee, tea, and fellowship. The final Sunday of the month, our parish worships from the Book of Common Prayer at the 8am service only. We have now started hosting a Sunday evening worship on the third Sunday of the month at 7pm; this service is about 45 minutes in duration (more information under upcoming events!) 
Worship is led by The Venerable Lee Bezanson.
We are currently celebrating through the liturgical season of Christmas often noted by white robes, hangings, and accents throughout the church. 
We would encourage you to click here to see what is up and coming within our parish community! As always, you are invited to join in - whether you have attended St. Matthew's your entire life or have found our presence online and wish to come and see what we are about. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our members by clicking here.  
Shrove Tuesday 2014  
Child praying