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There are a lot of references to singing (not just music) in the bible! Check it out! 

        Revelation 15:3    James 5:13  1 Corinthians 14:15  Colossians 3:16  Ephesians 5:18-19  Acts 16:25  Mark 14:26

At St. Matthew's, music and singing are two things that we are very proud of; often, we will have a few songs sung by the choir prior to the service starting that the congregation are welcome to join in if they recognize. We sing the Gloria, Sanctus, and Our Father as well the regular hymn times of the processional, the gradual hymn, the offertory and recessional hymn. We traditionally will sing during Communion as well as sing what we call a post-Communion hymn. While this last hymn provides time for the altar to be cleaned up after Eucharist, it is another deliberate act of singing in community. 

We are ALWAYS open to having someone come and sing with our choir; we have found that with busy schedules, practicing Sunday morning before the service caters to the most number of people. In the cold and snowy winters, you are not making a special trip to the church for practice and on nicer and warmer days, you likely have enough to keep you busy and engaged during the week.  We aim to meet and start running the music Sunday mornings at 9am. Please feel free to come and sing with us! 

While there are always exceptions, we tend to run a musical repertoire that pulls from both the blue Book of Common Praise (published by the Anglican Church of Canada); we also hold two licences that allow us to have created a book of lyrics from more contemporary artists as well (OneLicense and CCLI). In 2019, we underwent the process of revamping our affectionately called "St. Matthew's Songbook". If you attend a worship service in which we are exclusively using the blue hymn book, you will find these in your pews. If we have selected some music from the White Song Book (or St. Matthew's Songbook), you will be handed a copy of the book when you enter the church.


Contact Information

I would love to hear from you whether you would like more information on singing with us, you have music you would like us to try, want to book the choir for your special celebration or just want to provide some of your thoughts on what you experienced with the music. Click here to send me a message - otherwise, I look forward to meeting you! 


Special thanks to Nicole Javden (Vestry) and Sunday School for the amazing new cover page for our new songbook! Special thanks to Nicole Javden (Vestry) and Sunday School for the amazing new cover page for our new songbook!