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Live Stream Documents You WANT to Download!

Posted 3/18/2020

I have laid awake at night trying to think about what would be valuable for the members of our community to feel like they are part of the service; granted, there is a recognition that it will be different than sitting in a hard pew, commending your neighbour regarding their angelic singing voice, and getting a hearty handshake or heart-warming hug from the Archdeacon at the entrance, peace or exit of the service.

Access the Facebook Page where the live stream will happen by clicking here

We have had a lot of people inquire how they could reach out financially and continue to support St. Matthew's from a distance. We cannot express how grateful we are for this inquiry. Here is the Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) form that you can fill out. This is flexible as you can choose if you would like to have withdrawals once a month or twice a month. And when we are back to meeting in person, you can very easily cancel this! If you have any questions, please click here!

If there is something else you think would be helpful to have, please let us know by clicking here and providing some feedback!


Simply click the link and then you can print them or leave open on your screen for when you are participating in the feed!

Palm/Passion Sunday - April 5, 2020

Lyric Sheet for April 5, 2020

BAS Sheets in Large Font (one page/sheet)

BAS Sheets in book-size font

Lent 5 - March 29, 2020 Resources!

Lyric Sheet for March 29, 2020

BAS sheets in large font (this will be the same each week)

BAS sheets in book-size font (this will also be the same each week)


Lent 4 - March 22 Resources!!

Youtube Video of Service (this is condensed to the sermon/prayers/blessing and closing song as youtube limits to 15min)

Reading/Lyric Sheet for March 22, 2020

BAS sheets in large font (this will be the same each week)

BAS sheets in book-size font (this will also be the same each week)

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Creating a Facebook Account

Advent Lessons and Carols

Posted 12/15/2019

When I first attended a Lessons and Carols service, I will be honest... all I remember are the mincemeat tarts that I promised to try afterwards. I learned two things from that service. 1) I do not appreciate mincemeat as much as others thought I might and 2) One should never agree to something before they realize what they are agreeing to. For a tart that appears to look like a buttertart, it is rather different. 

Rest assured, no one will pressure you into trying mincemeat tarts after this traditional and beloved service as I do not believe there will be any there. That said, this is a service that I would encourage you to attend! 

Our line up of music this year includes Imagine (yes! The Beatles version!!) ... Are you sitting there and wondering how "Imagine" would fit into the condensed, story version of our Christian faith? I guess you will just have to come to find out! It genuinely will make your Christmas season (or that's what I was told after we did a similar service last Advent by those who attended!) 

Details are on the poster! 


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Blue Christmas: December 17, 2019

Posted 12/9/2019

There is something to be said for those people who carry and exhibit all the joy that this season brings; perhaps they are on fire with all that the season of Advent is all about. They are like the John the Baptist's of 2019 and they (with their unbounding energy and limitless potential) are running circles around people like myself. I mean, good on them. But it certainly is not my cup of tea. 


Blue Christmas, however, is definitely my cup of tea. Or coffee. Or other hot beverage of choice. 


It is that one service in the year that always seems to stand out for me. It seems to be unique to the tradition and not every Anglican church hosts a service like this during Advent. It is a service that genuinely acknowledges that we live and work in a world where we are surrounded by broken and strife. If someone came and asked you if they could pray for someone on your behalf, I would be willing to promise you that you could think of at least one (if not many) people in your lives that warrant prayer warriors. This friend is fighting a medical battle of a lifetime and this friend is stuck in a bad work situation. This family member is in pain and this coworker is uncharacteristically silent. And do you know what stands out about this service every year? That it is the one place that breaks away from the common prayers and petitions of the regular Sunday morning to say, "I hear you" ... "I get it"... "Be assured of God's presence in that/through that/with you always"


If you have taken the time to click on the link, let this be an invitation to you personally. Come. Be. Know. 

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Sent Forth in the Spirit (SFitS)

Posted 9/13/2019

If you find yourself on fire with the Holy Spirit, then this is the place for you to come and be. If you are questioning what the Holy Spirit is or what the Holy Spirit could ever want in your life, then this is the place for you to come and be. 

There will be music. Sing if you want to, listen if you prefer.
There will be prayer. Pray if you want to, be amongst others who are praying if you prefer. 
There will be candles. Contemplate what brings light into your life and how you take light into the world, watch the candles float in the water if you prefer. 

The service runs about 45 minutes and is a popular service for people of all ages. (Please note children are absolutely welcome, there is no simultaneous activity for children). 

Come and see. 
Come and be. 
Come and rest.
Come and stay in your bubble, in your own quiet corner, and avoid eye contact with any and all. (If you know me, you know that’s exactly how I recharge!) 
Come, and know that you are loved beyond words.

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Mom! It's almost Mother's Day... LET'S TEA!!

Posted 3/28/2019

Everyone loves tea parties! (Doesn't everyone love tea parties?... maybe no one else loves tea parties... it's okay. I love tea parties!) 

The Women's Retreat Committee and the St. Matthew's Sunday School is hosting a Mother's Day tea to celebrate Mother's Day weekend; here are the best parts about this tea:

    * we are hosting it on a Saturday so that if you have plans with your mom or your daughter or your friend on Sunday (actually Mother's Day), you can DO BOTH!! 

    * It is only $10/ticket! That is ... awesome!

    * We are offering two sittings! You can opt to come from 10am-12noon OR 2-4pm - whichever would work best on your Saturday. 

    * There will be tea, coffee, (and for the little ones)... iced tea. 

    * Your ticket gets you adorable sandwiches, a selection of sweets, strawberries 'n' biscuits, annnnnnd entertainment! (I know! AWESOME, right?! We thought so too!)

Try to act quickly on these tickets. We are capping it to 60 women for each sitting - and we anticipate that they will go quickly. You can get tickets by emailing Angela here

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Music 'n' Holy Week? ... Absolutely!

Posted 3/28/2019

Mark shared the account of the Jesus and his disciples gathering together for a meal and singing hymns before heading to the iconic Garden of Gethsemane; this is important because it was on the way to the garden that Jesus tells Peter that, despite being a disciple and believer, Peter will deny Jesus and his ministry three times before the morning. It is in the garden that Jesus makes a simple request of his followers and best friends: stay awake, pray with me, and help me get through what will be ahead. We know how the story ends... the disciples fall asleep, Peter denies his relation and knowledge of Jesus, and Jesus begins the epic journey with a heavy cross to his own crucifixion. 

We celebrate the Last Supper (Maundy or Holy Thursday)

We celebrate the loneliness and heartbreak of the garden (Tenebrae)

We celebrate the Passion of Christ (Good Friday)

We celebrate the resurrection (Easter Sunday)... 

... so why wouldn't we celebrate the hymns they sung and the company they kept as they left the supper and headed to the garden? Well, that's exactly what I was thinking! 

Please consider joining us for this transition that was centred around music and community!  We will gather in the sanctuary of the church to pray, sing, sing, and then maybe close in prayer.  We will start at 7:00pm on April 17, 2019 (Wednesday) and would wrap up by 8:00pm so it's not too late. 


Join us to raise a heavenly soundJoin us to raise a heavenly sound